A collection of an Umbraco developer's everyday problems and findings.

How to benchmark Umbraco

  • 09/08/2022
  • Advanced
  • Umbraco 9, Coding, Umbraco 10

As I was playing around with the Benchmark.net Nuget package a lot lately I was thinking if it wasn’t possible to benchmark actual Umbraco code aswell. Turns out it is possible!

Umbraco Unique Identifiers

  • 28/07/2022
  • Basics
  • Umbraco 9, Umbraco 8, Coding, Umbraco 10

As we lately had some talks internally about when to use what identifier when working with Umbraco entities I thought it would be nice to make a little overview about what identifiers there are and what usage they have.

DependencyInjection for Umbraco 10!

  • 17/06/2022
  • Packages
  • Coding, Nugets, Umbraco 10

With Umbraco 10 just beeing released there must of course be a new release of my CyberSolutions.UCore.DependencyInjection package coming along with it!


  • 20/01/2022
  • Packages
  • Umbraco 9, Nugets, Backoffice

Welcome back to my garage fellow Umbracians! Today I am here because I wanna share my second package with you: Our.Umbraco.HiddenValue.

Umbraco 9 and Configurations

  • 03/11/2021
  • My Point of View
  • Umbraco 9, Coding, Nugets

With the upgrade from umbraco 8 to umbraco 9 the way of dealing with configurations and settings changed as the .NET Framework got replaced by .NET Core.

Dependency Injection package updated to Umbraco 9!

  • 13/10/2021
  • Packages
  • Umbraco 9, Coding, Nugets

Took me a bit longer than expected but I finally managed to upgrade my package to Umbraco 9. You are wondering what changed in the upgrade? Luckily not much!

How to render a MVC view in the Umbraco backoffice

  • 28/09/2021
  • Advanced
  • Umbraco 9, Umbraco 8, Backoffice

You are a backend developer and just want to add a custom dashboard or section to the backoffice, probably just to proof something could work a certain way? Then you are quite lucky today because I will show you how you can do this!

Dependency Injection with Nuget

  • 17/09/2021
  • Packages
  • Umbraco 8, Coding, Nugets

Last time we discussed how dependency injection in umbraco 8 works and that it can become quite tedious the more services and repos you have. I also told you that I created a package to make my life easier.

Umbraco and Dependency Injection. How it works!

Umbraco and Dependency Injection. How it works!

  • 10/09/2021
  • Basics
  • Umbraco 8

Since Umbraco launched their version 8 it can handle dependency injection, out of the box. Umbraco headquarter also encourages you to use dependency injection whenever it is possible and spoiler: its almost always possible!